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Norway Revisited

It’s only a few weeks since I had been visiting the beautiful scenery of Norway, but it feels a long time ago and since work and basic life have come back it feels I have to go back as soon as possible. It has to wait for another year though…

The few days me and my wonderful girlfriend had there had passed too quickly and we were lucky to find good weather conditions. For some reason the weather conditions seem to be always best on my last day of visit to a location. Happened in Cornwall and again now in Norway.

We had not really planned certain locations here, and rather explored the scenery first in Google Maps and later during the day at location. It has proven to he useful, but for my next trip to the Lofoten Islands next summer I try to prepare a little more and have maybe some shots already planned in advance.

My first visit to Norway in the beginning of June was of even more spontaneous nature. I didn’t even had a map, as I planned to stay in the north of Finland, where I found not so nice lighting conditions on that day. The conditions and landscapes in Norway were a lot different, which made me then decide to come back there with some more time. And so we did now.

The first day of our travels leads us through Sweden in direction to the city of Narvik in Norway.

At one point our traveling speed slowed down significantly, because we stopped multiple times to take an image or two, or simply to enjoy the scenery. It was close to the Norwegian border, when I tested the durability and protection of my camera bag, a Lowepro Vertex 200 AW, by slipping on a rock a falling down a little. Besides some nasty looking, but only minor painful injuries on my side and some dents on my tripod head, the camera gear survived the crash without any problems. This could have easily turned the trip into a holiday-only trip. I get some decent exposures as a reward though, it was worth it.

After after roughly 17 hours of riding in the car and an uncountable amount of energy drinks we arrive in Narvik. We finally have a few hours of sleep and after a little walk through Narvik, I purchase the umbrella which I would have needed during the night and will not need during the next days.

The conditions during the day are perfect, sun and clouds. We find some gorgeous locations, but just in time for the happy hour, more clouds show up and hide all of the beautiful light from the sun.

The trip continues to Tromsø. After a day break, we continue exploring the islands around the city and were going to a little village called Rekvik. With the sun only hiding behind the horizon, we have good lighting conditions during this night.

On the last day we continue exploring another island called Sommarøy, which doesn’t show in my traditional map, but in Google Maps it shows also some example images. The light and sky are just wonderful during the whole night and there’s no hurry driving through the area and look for good locations. The whole shoot lasts about 6 hrs. Exhausted and tired it goes back to the hotel and after a decent breakfast back home to Finland.

It’s sad that it’s over but the planning begins already now for a trip to the Lofoten and Scotland in the next year.

If you are interested in my images from this trip, feel free to visit my photoblog from time to time, or subscribe to my photoblog’s RSS feed, then you are up-to-date all the times.

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