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Rocks and Ropes

The forecast announced bad weather for the next few days which made me changing my plans and head out already today.

Originally I intended to go far up into the north but that was unreachable for today and I rather chose to explore a few locations which I scouted already during winter.

The first was a little rocky beach around 70km up to the north. The conditions were fairly well and that little island in the back was nicely lit from the side. It could have been a little more colourful in the sky but no can do.

After a few successful frames and multiple mosquito bites later I continue to a small harbour. There wasn’t much landscapes to shoot here but I explored the scene a little and spent some time doing detail images of ropes which are lying around here.

As usual I have also recorded some behind the scenes kind of video clips which will go live here on the blog by next week I guess.

I might continue now to the next place or return home. Let’s see. But either way, my break is over and off I go.

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