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Rocked Tree

Todays explore starts on a beach called Utakleiv on the north coast of the Lofoten islands. Waiting in beautiful sunlight the whole day for the sun to set, or better to get at least closer to the horizon, just in time for the golden hour clouds show up. A little too much for my taste. While the scenery is still great, it appears that the conditions might be a little better on another part of the island.

We decide to visit a previously scouted location on the south side when I spot these gorgeously lit mountains in the distance. Quickly changing plans we try to head down there hoping to locate a good viewpoint and scenery to make up a beautiful image.

The road leads around several fjords and it takes much longer than expected. Then to the right, I spot a small lake. It’s almost no wind and the reflections of the mountains and the sky are just too wonderful to pass by. We stop and I take a few frames from there. Images done and we continue our search of a good vantage point.

Another fjord to pass to pass and then around the corner it seems we’re out of luck when I just spot this lonely tree, growing on a couple of rocks in the middle of a swamp. What a luck.

Stopping the car again and I head out into the swamp to reach the tree in the distance. It’s not the most difficult way, I got more wet feet already the day before and finally set up the tripod. The scenery is just beautiful and I get my shots done when just the moment I already packed up and decided to continue to another location, the sky clears up a little and the moon appears, nicely lit, in the sky. Naturally I can’t resist and unpack my gear again and compose a few frames.

The evening comes to an end after visiting another location and the tent is set up again. These was almost one of my last compositions during this trip but there will more chances come up in the future.

More to come…

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