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St.Just Rock

Geez, I miss the sea. There’s nothing more refreshing than a strong wind and heavy waves crashing on the rocks. While preparing my e-book I re-discovered this image in my library and took some time to process it in a way I envisioned the image.

I was tipped to the coast near St.Just by a local photographer here in Cornwall earlier that morning and spontaneously made my way here. I arrived early in the in the afternoon and after a nice coffee and a chat in the local pub I head out to the coast.

During the course of the afternoon the weather changed from nice and stormy to very cloudy and stormy. Earlier I get some nice images along the coast while later the conditions changed quite a bit.

A few hours ago I purchased an umbrella which got it’s 1.99£ worth severely tested in a heavy rainstorm. Much to the amusement of a people waiting in their cars for the rain to pass.

It was very windy out there and the best vantage points were difficult to access as the wind heavily influenced the stability of my tripod. Crouched behind some rocks on the cliffs I get a few nice frames of the waves crashing on the rocks in front of me.

Not much later the sun sets almost un-noticed behind the clouds and I find my way back to the pub for dinner before catching the bus home.

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