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St.Just. It’s the other side of the cliff and again I found shelter from the storm behind some rocks. I climbed  down the cliff to get a better vantage point, but getting closer to the sea didn’t seem to be possible. Considering the conditions, it wouldn’t be so advisable either.

I enjoyed the drama of the scene with the waves crashing on the rocks in fronts in front of me. The two rock formations in the background add, just like in my previous images, an welcome interest to the image. I’m sure they have a name, but somehow I can’t find it. If anyone knows, I would appreciate a comment.

A little later I take some detail images with the waves crashing on the rock in the foreground of the scene.

On a side note I would like to inform you, that my first e-book: Cornwall - A Photographic Journey is going to be released tomorrow here on the blog. So, if you’re interested drop by again tomorrow and have a look.

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