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Storfjord Rocks

By now I have passed this site along the E8 to Tromsö multiple times and yet it doesn’t seem to enough. Every time I drove along this road it turned out to be a pure visual pleasure and I found myself always stopping at different stops to take a photograph.

I took this image on my first and very spontaneous trip to this country and it marked the beginning of so far five trips. And surely they will be much more to come in the future.

Once I stopped at this specific place I was intrigued by the beauty of the scenery. I just seemed to have everything that I was looking for and always wanted to photograph. The sea, rocks and mountains. Well, this is was I’m focused on ever since.

On arrival it was still early in the day and after a few hours of explore around the area I returned a few hours later, once the conditions improved. I just enjoy the power of the sea, or in this case, the Storfjord, with a strong wind and the smell of the sea.

I took a few images from this scene and returned in the evening on the way home again to do a few images and sunset. Even though in the beginning of June, one cannot really talk about sunset anymore.

A write-up and a slideshow from this trip you can find here on blog if you are interested.

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