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Mysterious Pier

Today’s image is a little bit different from what I usually post, or better, different from the way I process and image. The beauty of the digital darkroom is, that basically all doors are open, and it’s up to one’s own vision what to do with an image.

Generally I don’t do much to the images in the digital darkroom. I leave them in color or do a black & white conversion. Which itself is already challenging enough. Sometimes though, it simply has to be different. On Monday I was out way before sunrise and ran into this location.

When I explored the scene I had the vision of this kind of processing long before I unpacked the camera. Looking at the first frame on the back of my camera proved me right. This image simply had to be processed this way.

Satisfied with the result, I took a quick series of a few images here but the sun rose so quickly during this shooting, that the exposure times quickly became to short for such sort of image. All in all I managed to get four frames before it got too bright, always stopping the exposure times of 2-4 minutes with my iPhone.

Afterwards I continued my shooting at a nearby forest to capture a few autumn colours using the panning technique. But more on that later.. .

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