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Malangen Mountains

Norway, April 2010. After a day’s worth of exploring the islands around Tromsö the light finally get’s this magical quality that I so enjoy here in the Scandinavian countries.

We spotted this location earlier already, but first we headed to the end of this road for a panoramic image of the mountains close to the island of Sommaroy. An area I had been photographing last summer.

The sky there was rather dramatic and in fact it got even more spectacular a little later, something that I noticed in the rear mirror while were already on the way to this location. Well, no can do.

As usual around here, the lighting conditions can vary quite a bit in a very close area. It just needs a mountain or a curvy road and the sky might change from to cloudy to almost blue. This time it was no different. Here at these mountains, the sky quite a bit clearer, even though the locations were not far apart. When I pulled over the car, the last light of the setting sun illuminated the snow on the mountain with an intense purple. By the time I managed to pass the waist deep snow along the road, most of the purple light was unfortunately already gone, but still there was enough to capture it.

This was our last station of the evening and we return back to the hotel. The next day we headed back home, but there was still enough time and good light to photograph the landscapes on the way.

A recent re-edit of this image brought it back to my attention, and I was wondering why it wasn’t published on this blog yet. I then realized that I posted this image originally on my, by now, already dismissed photoblog “From 10 to 300mm”, even though it had been in my galleries for quite some time already.

In order to complete my move over here, and filling my galleries I’m using the chance to give some of these “older” images a little face-lift and will then present them here as well.

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