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Tectonic Coast #2

Finmark, Norway, July 2010

By now the sun somehow has long “set” behind a layer of clouds just above the horizon and I continue to explore the coastline. I’m somehwere along the road to the small city of Berlevag, in the most northern parts of Norway.

After a well deserved nap and my first few images of this evening, I again notice the frequently changing conditions in this area. Not much earlier I photographed a lighthouse a only a few kilometres from here in a lot different conditions. Again, the weather appears to be different around here in every different bay.

Having dropped the car somewhere along the road I head out and explore the coastline which was seemed to be rather accessible. Still, most of the time, I’m forced to climb over the rocks along the coast looking for a decent composition before I in the end reach a sandy beach.

I took two different compositions from these rock formations before I continue down at the beach. It was rather a successful shooting here at this coast and I continued my explore with my return to a small bay down the road which I visited earlier already before heading home to Finland.

More to come.

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