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The Flow

After I passed the border into Norway for a few kilometers my disappointment about the fairly unfortunate conditions in the north of Finland was quickly forgotten, when I faced the drama and the beauty of the landscapes. Without any map or GPS I have driven along the road looking for compositions to jump into my eye, while trying to not get lost at the same time.

I already explored a few locations along the coast of the fjord to which I planned to return later that day when I finally decided to wait at this river for the rain to end. While having good and dry conditions at all other locations that I visited, somehow the rain clouds got stuck exactly here and appeared to be very persistent.

I waited for quite some time until the rain calmed down a bit before I could set up for an image. Still I had to clean and dry my filters from the rain drops after each image and the final resulting images are in fact merged out of two images. Not to get more dynamic range, but to at least get one image without any spray on the filters. I continue looking for images along in this area before I had to head back home.

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