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Tromvik Boat

It had been a long and eventful shooting this evening here on these islands north of Tromsø and it’s not over yet. We’re in a little village called Tromvik on the way back to Tromsø and the hotel room. Today’s shooting started hours ago, the light is wonderful this night and it gave me quite a few good opportunities to take photographs.

Having explored the area earlier that day, we were following the route back along the marks on the map. This boat caught my attention almost in the beginning of the day and it was now one of the last stops. I somehow like to photograph old wooden boats. They always have something special about them. I guess it’s the nostalgia, the stories that they seem to tell. The structures of the weathered paint just add to their stories.

Just before I got out of the car to set up for my image, a group of reindeers made their path through the backyards of the houses on the other side of the road. It couldn’t be any nicer evening. I compose a few frames of the boat and we continue with our explore.

When I took the image I already had a certain look in mind, but the first release of the image turned out to be a black and white conversion, now I finally found the time to finish the image as I had envisioned in the first place.

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