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Australian Pelican

Photography is all about opportunities, and while I usually prefer to photograph landscapes sometimes it’s just fun to do something totally different at times and confront myself with new challenges. This image is definitely one of those.

During my last vacation we visited a local bird-zoo and I used the chance to photograph some of those magnificent birds which were around. I’m by no means familiar with photographing birds, or anything that actually moves, but this australian pelican was very willingly posing for a landscape photographer like me… he hardly ever moved. Which made it fairly easy for me to frame the image with a rather short focal length of max. 85mm which I had available.

I know one can hardly call this wildlife and I would have loved to take an image like this out in the wild somewhere, but a trip to australia is at the moment way beyond budget and available time. So I got to use the chances that I have and challenge myself. It’s all about improving ones skills and doing something different from time to time. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll capture them in the wild….

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