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Summer Nights

I’m somewhere in the forests near Kuusamo in the east of Finland. It’s early June and during this time of the year it doesn’t get dark at all anymore and it means it’s going to be “happy-hour” for many hours. That is, if the weather agrees with that. Today is one of those days.

It has been a long day by now. I left already early in the day to be here in time to explore the area and to photograph a waterfall. I had plenty of time and basically spent the whole afternoon waiting for the right conditions.

I got a few satisfying images at the waterfall in the evening and by now I’m already on my way back home. The road, actually it’s more of a path, leads me through the forest along a lake when I pass these buildings. The light is coming from the right and nicely illuminates the buildings and just in time some clouds disappear and the moon appears in the sky. Sometimes you just have to have luck.

For the longest time I wanted to photograph a scene like this even though houses like these are by no means a rarity here in Finland. It is though surprisingly difficult to find them without any distracting forest behind them. When noticed these buildings I was immediately intrigued by the light and the way the buildings are aligned. The moon is of course a welcomed bonus.

After these images I continue my way home, still stopping from time to time to compose an image or two.

I’m currently in the process of preparing a presentation which I’m about to hold this Friday, and during this process I re-discovered this image in my archive. I have posted it though already years ago on a older blog of mine.

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