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The Second Frost

It had been the third day with gorgeous light in a row, something that I believe to be happening rather rarely during this time of year. Two days ago, I used the chance to visit this small beach, named Isoniemi at sunset and photographed this island in a nice warm light evening light alongside with some interesting structures on the ice. It was very cold then, and at home I got some more ideas for this location. At home! Well, that’s surely too late and I had to hope to find similar conditions the next time I have time…

Next time is today, two days after my last outing here. Yesterday, the sunset was gorgeous and naturally I witnessed all it’s beauty on the way to work… Talking about getting things right the first time. While cloudy through the night, this morning though the sky looked promising and I decided to make the most of the situation and go back.

The sun rises late these days and from my experience with the conditions around here I knew that I will not need to hurry. It will take around one and a half hours before the sun will be high enough to not only light the scene but also to light the few remaining clouds in the sky with it’s now almost constant warm orange light. Constant means the roughly 4 hours the sun is actually up here in the beginning of December.

After my arrival I had to realize though that light snow has covered the structures and shapes on the ice which I hoped to capture. The light though was soft and warm turning all available colours into shades of pastel. Conditions like these make me forget the freezing temperatures I’m in. I walk on the ice looking for shapes and structures which I can put into the foreground of my image.

It doesn’t last long until I find a composition worth framing. Setting up and composing the shot is the easier part. After finishing my image I continue exploring the scene, looking for something else to photograph. The moon still high up in the sky gently appears between a layer of pastel coloured clouds. Isn’t landscape photography just wonderful?

I continue looking into some detail images but somehow they didn’t really work out and I head back home. Three good images in one morning is more than enough.

During this outing I recorded a quick videoblog which I published just recently. Feel free to have a look.

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