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Storvatnet Reflection #1

Lofoten Islands, Norway, June 2010

The outing for tonight is almost over and we are just on our way back to the beach where we planned to stay to stay the night. The horrific conditions of the previous day are long forgotten and this night had been full of good photographic opportunities.

Just on our way back we pass this beautiful and silent lake. The sun is by now high enough in the sky to throw it’s light over the mountains and wonderfully light the mountains in front of us. Located in a valley the slight wind has no chance to mess up the reflections in the lake.

I pull over the car and start looking for a good viewpoint and once I succeeded set up for my image. I adjust my filters to get a decent exposure and compose two frames. These are the last two images for today and the road leads us back to our camp and some hours of good sleep.

This image had been in my galleries for quite some time already, but I just recently re-edited it slightly to take advantage of some lens-correction features in Lightroom and some new techniques that I got to know of.

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