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And now it’s almost here.. the year 2011. Traditionally at this time resolutions are made and most likely in many cases not kept. I gave up making those. Doesn’t work out anyway.

One thing though which stuck and worked out over the years is my dedication to photography. As with all things it has it’s ups and downs but it’s going steadily forward and evolves to the better I hope. It is the term dedication which actually reminded me of this outing that I had almost exactly two years ago now…

It’s another cold day outside, something about -17 degrees. The wind howls over the ice adding a little extra chill and making it not necessarily pleasant to be outside. But it’s worth it.

During new years eve we had a horrible storm. I can’t remember any storm like this before up here. A day after the storm finally calmed down though and the “damage” caused by it on the island couldn’t have been more beautiful. The storm crashed the ice of the frozen sea, causing high piles of ice along the coast and the freezing temperatures froze it over again, leaving this wonderful patterns on the pristine ice. Only a little layer of clouds is blocking the sunset though, but I don’t want to complain.

Having no car that time, I asked a friend to join me on this shoot and to drive there. He was very enthusiastic about this and apparently he also made a very dedicated model in this image. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the outing, but would have liked to return the next day, which unfortunately wasn’t possible.

A slightly longer description of this shooting actually served as my very first entry in my photo journals here on the blog. If you are interested feel free to have a look in this post.

I wish everyone a happy new year and see you around.

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