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On A Misty Morning Pt.1

It happens that every now and then, that when I browse through my archives I find some images that were long forgotten. These are some of those.

I have been visiting my home in Germany and did not really plan to do much landscape photography. Staying in the outskirts of the city and having a tight schedule during this one week visit it seemed to be a useless attempt anyway. Nevertheless I carried my gear with me. Why shouldn’t I not.

I knew though that by the time of my visit in Autumn often heavy mist appears in the morning and I knew about these horses in the nearby fields. If everything just would works out nicely I would have a chance to capture at least some nice images. But it wasn’t until the very last day of my visit that everything just came together.

When I woke up I immediately noticed the heavy mist outside and quickly grabbed my camera bad and headed out. Now the only thing needed was for the horses have to be be a little supportive and be at the right place. It took a while though, but in the end they were mildly co-operative and I managed to get a few nice images.

I posted one of the images on my previous blog, but since then I already forgot about the images and when I found them again, I immediately had an idea for a whole series. Actually it’s two series, this one with the sepia toning and one colour version of the series. I rarely process my images in sepia, but for these it was almost a necessity as the horses still almost kept their original colour.

I posted a quick sneak-peek last week already and now the series is finally done and I hope you like this first part of the series as much as I do. The second part and a full gallery will be published on Friday.

For those interested I would like to point out that I did the B&W conversion and toning in Lightroom followed up by local and contrast adjustments in Photoshop CS5.

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