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On A Little Island - Winter

The forecast for today didn’t look too good in fact and I’m up for a couple of hours already. The sun rises late at this time of the year and every time I watch out of the window it’s dark and appears to become just another grey day.

At one point though it seems the conditions change and quickly I decide to grab my gear (which is always ready to go here) and quickly head out to a familiar location.

I have been visiting plenty here and have had an idea for a specific composition, but it never worked out so far. In the end it turns out I will not get the image I was looking for, but I was able to get some different and fresh compositions from this island.

I’m quite satisfied with this one as it is a fresh perspective on a familiar motif to me. Looking at the island from this perspective is only possible during this time of the year, when the lake is frozen over and the sun coming from slightly behind me. I was in luck, that there weren’t not too many tracks in the snow and this composition just works out nicely. I compose another image taking advantage of the tracks of a snowmobile and then finally leave home.

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