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Bay #1: Re-imagined

The sun just above the horizon as we’re driving along the coast and stopping ever so often to take a fresh image. The light and the colours in the sky were gorgeous all the through the night, and this image is one of the first in a series or many more images to come during this night. This little bay was one in a group of all together 4 bays (initially I remembered this to be three, but this actually happened to be the fourth one) in a row, and all of them were different in character.

A little later I will explore and climb down a cliff and take this and a few more photographs.

This image (and a few other that will follow) had been in my galleries for a while already, but just recently I spent some time doing some more processing or actually better, different processing on it applying some techniques that I learned just recently to further refine the images.

The black and white conversions of these images already have found it’ way into several living rooms (other than my own ;-)) and will soon also be available here on the site as custom made prints. Just sayin’.

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