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The Red Rocks

This evening’s shooting started successfully a little while ago at a lighthouse a few kilometres to the north along this road. Again the weather and lighting conditions seem to change after almost every turn of the road (something that I already got used to) but slightly more confusing is the fact that now I’m struggling to find the scene that I scouted out earlier that day. For some reason it seemed to have disappeared. I guess I was exploring a too wide area earlier in the day and I mixed it up complete. Lesson learned, next time mark it right away on the map.

Still, I’m driving along the road looking for “the” spot when the clouds broke and the light of the setting sun turned the otherwise brownish rocks into deepest shades of orange and red. I pull over the car into a nearby parking spot (handy to have it there, as the road was too narrow to safely leave the car on it), grab my gear and head back to the vantage point that I saw.

Too bad though that by the time I was at the right spot the warm and direct sunlight was gone and the sun “set” behind a layer of clouds, where in fact it should a stay for the next hour and a half. While still having nice light, it just wasn’t that warm and direct light anymore. I stick around and take a few photographs and finally decide to continue at a different place and maybe return to this spot a little later.

The road leads me back to a beach which I spotted earlier and take my time for a decent explore. The outing there proved to be successful and I was in luck not only finding some interesting views but also having some nice colours in the sky in as well.

A few of the images I took there I have covered in these posts: Fossil Rock and Tectonic Coast. Feel free to have a look, also you might be interested in browsing through my Finnmark gallery.

After I’m done there I continue my on my way along the road, when just in that moment and at the same spot as earlier, the sun rises just enough above the clouds to throw again its warm light against the coast turning the rocks in shades of red. What a spectacular view. Again I pull over the car to the conveniently placed parking spot and run back to my vantage point. This time the conditions last! Sometimes you just have to have luck.

I compose the frame that I was looking for and continue my path along to road leading me back home. During this shooting here, I recorded a quick video blog which I will release soon here on the blog.

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