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Persfjord: A Sunny Night At A Stormy Coast

The storm lasted the whole day but just as the forecast had predicted, at 22 o’clock the conditions finally change to the better. The wind calms down and the sun is having a first appearance and warming up not only the scenery with it’s golden light but also myself. I’m happy to be finally able to take some images and also to have my clothes drying up after a long day of rain.

I’m already prepared what to photograph during this night, as I have been looking for locations along the coastline during the day.

One of my first stops is this bay:

Like in the images that I took earlier, strong and high waves are crushing on rocks along the coast and the light of the late evening sun illuminates the sky above. It just starts to come together just nicely.

Even though the storm calmed down quite a bit I still need to seek shelter from the wind behind a few rocks to ensure a steady camera on the tripod. I find a place which still provides a good angle on the scene and I take my time composing my image. After a few exposures I’ll continue on the path along the coast to the next bay. I have been waiting all day for this, so there’s no time to waste.

Again I find myself crouched in a corner of the cliffs to find shelter from the wind. The conditions look much less friendly around here and huge waves are crashing on the cliffs below me. I try to get a little closer, but the spray was just too heavy down there. It simply would have turned out to be a mess.

In the meanwhile I got some unexpected company out there. Read more about that in this post.

During the course of the evening, or actually night, the conditions improve constantly. The wind calms down and the light of the now rising sun gently lights the sky and clouds above the coast. The waves of the Barent Sea are still crashing heavily on the rocks along the coast and I immediately have an idea of the kind of image I would like to photograph once I see this view. All it takes is to have the right waves. It takes some time, it’s not perfect but it got at least close to what I was hoping for.

The light is getting brighter quickly now and there’s only little time left for just a few more images during this morning…

These and a few more images you can find in my galleries of course and a few write ups are available here on the blog as well.

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