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And I'm Off

It feels like forever since I had posted a similar post like this and it’s actually long overdue. Work schedules and a distance of roughly 800km to the location of my choice simply don’t play well together. But now, finally, the wait is over and I’m off to Norway again.

Initially the idea was to stay in Tromsö and explore the area around there again. I have been there now a few times already I’m a little bit familiar with the area and have some rough ideas where to go to. An unexpected car repair though has drastically shortened my budget for this trip and I decided to it’s best to simply stay in the car during this trip.

It’s not getting too cold there at the moment anyway and it will be actually much better like that. I can explore a much wider area, go wherever I want to I simply stay where it seems to be best. I haven’t been planning much for this trip.

There are a few places that I would like to return to, as for example the island of Senja or the area around Sommarøy. But then again the area is full of wonderful landscapes and there’s a lot more to explore. Additionally I hope to finally have the chance to photograph a few northern lights and in a few days I will be wiser if it finally worked out.

Depending on the availability of free wifi connections I might be able to send a few posts from on the road, like I used to do during the last times. So, if you are around in the area and see me and my old Toyota feel free to say hello.

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