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Mountain Sketches

After little sun during the morning, quickly more and more clouds started to show up and it started to rain ever so slightly. The light, just soft and warm a few minutes ago disappeared in favor of a flat and grey mass above me. I was exploring an area called Signaldalen and I started to give the mountain-tops some attention when the first image of this series caught my eye.

Mountain Sketches #7 - 1/100 sec @ f11, +1EV, ISO 100, 200mm

The snow and the bright rain clouds perfectly blended into each other leaving only the shapes of the rocks visible. I was struck by the beauty of structures and monochromatic nature of the image. The preview appeared almost like being sketched with a pencil, hence the name of this series. The other proper name would have been maybe barely-visible-mountain-tops-in-rainy-clouds, which for some reason appeared to be too long.

Fascinated by the image I realized the potential I spent the remains of the day looking up and searching for these images. The search took me all over the area between Skibotn and Somaroy and while the conditions were less ideal for the photography that I usually do, they were perfect for this project. Most of these were captured in pouring rain with the camera protected by a simple towel.

Photography is full of opportunities and sometimes these opportunities jump at us when we expect it the least. This series, which I would call one of my personal favorites is an example of this. Sometimes “embracing the moment” simply works out.

For the whole series please visit my galleries here. Additionally I will publish an e-book with these photographs which will be released during the next weeks. Stay tuned for updates here on the blog.

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