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A Smaller Kind of 'scapes

I jump-started my photographic season (at least the more local one) for this year already a few week ago and luckily I already had the chance to take advantage of some nice weather. By the time of this writing there’s still a decent layer of snow every now and then and the sea is still frozen over, but it’s getting there quickly.

To make the beginning of the season as productive as possible I decided to focus on the smaller landscapes, a theme that I have not been necessarily neglecting but one that I’m at least not so familiar or comfortable with this.  I had the feeling that I pass by at photographic opportunities like these too often, and it would be refreshing to focus on this for a while and add to my repertoire.

It surely makes me go out much more often as I’m not too dependent on the weather this way. Looking for the smaller, intimate and less obvious views had been a bit of a challenge but it turned out to be very interesting and inspiring. Seeing these images and composing these images surely gets easier over the time.

There’s so much to explore out there and I just started to look for these images, but here are few first images which I consider to be more successful in terms of vision and composition. More are hopefully to come in the near future.

On a side note I would like to point you to an article, or better interview with Chris Tancock which I have been recently reading over on LandscapeGB which is not only a very interesting read  but also inspired me to look for something else for a change. Larger images and some more of these recent detail explorations you can find in my galleries.

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