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St.Michael's Mount in the Dark

Actually it’s just before sunrise but it just does sounds better this way, doesn’t it?

Having published my Cornwall e-book already last year I haven’t been looking through my archives from there much recently. Since I’m in the middle of the process of updating my galleries recently, I found this gem in there which I once processed, and then obviously forgot about.

I had explored the coast the day before and returned early in the morning to be in place at sunrise. It was the first images that I took that morning and I stand by the tripod and stop the long exposure of 230 seconds with my phone. Focusing the image in the dark was slightly challenging as it was a little difficult to see the mount in the dark somehow it worked out. It got quickly brighter during the exposure and for a second exposure like this wasn’t enough time, or actually too much light already. Where’s the BigStopper when you need it…

The shooting that morning was rather eventful and if you are interested you can read more about it in the my Cornwall journals (which I updated just the other day), download my free e-book and of course view the images in a larger format in the galleries.

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