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Eggum View

We’re just on the way back from the Lofoten with the direction to our home in Finland . We’re not in a hurry and we use the chance to stop now and then to explore and enjoy some of the scenery, as we did right here in Eggum.

This is the way we the clouds have been most of the time for the first few days of the trip. It is amazing how low clouds can get in this area, also is it always surprising how different the conditions are around there. Whilst driving under blue skies, it seemed that only this part of the island is covered under clouds.

We haven’t been spending much time there, but during the course of our stay, the conditions cleared up a bit, and revealing some of the mountain tops. I could imagine this to be a wonderful site to photograph in more stormy conditions, with big waves crushing on the coast. Maybe one day.

After now almost one year I’m still have some processing from this trip to do. Let’s see when I will have finished those, but a few more images you can of course view in my galleries over here.

BTW: I just “re-visited” this place in Google Maps and it seems they had some better conditions then.

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