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It’s only a little while ago that I missed some gorgeous light on the coastline and I returned to this beach which noticed earlier while driving along the road. On this location though, the conditions work for me. The light is soft and warm and the sky is beautifully lit by the sun which is hidden behind a layer of clouds just above the horizon.

This beach is located slightly south of the city of Berlevag (Google Maps defines this location as Sandfjorden, let’s just assume this is correct), and the scenery bears some interesting views: tilted rocks, ponds and puddles reflecting the light from the sky, some green in the grass and some coastal mountains in the background, what else can one look for?

I climb on the rocks along the coast and finally gently walk along this beach, looking for something to catch my eye. Finding a clear composition in an area like this is though more challenging than it looks like in the first place. Still I find some images that work out and the light just plays along nicely.

These images are among the last ones that I took during this short trip to the Finmark. I will have a stop at a previous location with more luck and better light and then, after a few hours of driving run into more foggy conditions in the north of Finland.

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