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Bossoberget Falls

I arrived in Norway after many hours of driving only to find the one road which was important to me, closed due to an avalanche. Instead of waiting for the next day, when the road is supposed to be opened again, I chose to explore a totally different area. A rough description of my journey you can find in this post.

It didn’t took long until I found this waterfall, caved deep into the mountain. Waterfalls like these are by no means a rarity up here, and I passed plenty of them along the road. Naturally not all of them are as pleasing to photograph as this one.

It was raining heavily in the beginning and after a quick explore of the fall, I decide my vantage points and wait for the rain to calm down at least a bit for a short amount of time.

In the early evening the rain is heavy most of the time, but a short window allowed for these images. Before having the chance to climb up to my second chosen vantage point, too heavy rain prevents an image up there.

As I pass this waterfall almost every time I drive to Norway, I chose to return another time.

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