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The Road Trip - #1

Summertime is road-trip time and we just happen to have returned (well at least by the time of this writing) the other day from a few days long trip to the east and north of Finland. With no pre-planned destinations we were just going with the flow and where the weather and locations seemed to be best. This time it luckily also went by without any breakdowns of the car.

The trip led us to a few rather popular places here in Finland, the waterfall Kiutoköngäs the Korouoma canyon in the east and the lakes Inari and Ukonjärvi way up in the north (I visited here already last month as you can read in this post). The latter again turned out more photographic and lot easier accessible than Inari.

As usual during such a trip there’s something I learned or discovered which I will cover here in the near future as well as a little write-up and naturally images of each location. But until I have written those and more importantly processed the images, here’s a first image from there, a waterfall located in the Korouoma canyon.

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