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An Evening At The Harbour

It appeared to become a perfect sunset when I left home - clouds and sun just right for taking out the Big Stopper which I finally wanted to work with. I planned to visit a beautiful and romantic little fishing harbor in Kiviniemi, Finland and do some long exposures of the piers and boats with some nice light and capture the movement in the clouds.

As so often during this year my plans didn’t quite work out but new and different options offered themselves. By the time of my arrival the clouds spent their time in the sky just about everywhere, but not where I needed them.

It was obvious that my planned images will not work out and instead I simply took my Ricoh GXR and explored the buildings in the harbour and chose to photograph a series and try to tell a story about this place. Paired with a few long exposures using my 5D this turned out to be a very nice combination.

Harbours like these are easy to be found along the coast and this first post might become the beginning of new project or maybe series here on the blog.

I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the series and the quality of the Ricoh GXR is simply fantastic. Couldn’t be happier with the functionality and the handling of the camera. In fact I would like to see a few of it’s features in my 5D MkII.

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