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A Very Much Belated Anniversary Post

So, there you go. I missed it. For the first time in now four years I missed the anniversary of this little blog of mine. It passed by un-noticed, that is until now of course, but without noticing the anniversary, I did though give it a little facelift and roughly just in time.

I wanted to take more advantage of some of newly introduced features here on Wordpress and with the help of this recently released theme I will be able to present the posts like I envision them. I plan to bring text and photography together in a beautiful and exciting way.

I have some ideas on how to use some of its features to present my work in a cleaner and fresher and modern way, while at the same time have a consistent experience. It starts with finally having my galleries under the same roof as my main site. Something that I have been wanting to do in just this way, with a simple, stylish and responsive theme, for now more than one year already.

In order to get everything done right (finally I hope to say), I’m currently in the process of updating several of the older posts to make it more fun to visit overall more beautiful (seriously, don’t you just love this font or the new carousel in the galleries) and hopefully more of an experience. Looking at for example this or this post will give you an idea what to expect.

Additionally I will finally edit the galleries (still on the to-do list) and the images in it will be more carefully selected. Something that I felt to be overdue already. On the other side more and bigger images will be added to post’s on the blog and tagged for easier browsing. And then there’s the re-installment of the landing page, but that’s still on a bit on hold, until the inspiration strikes me.

For those of you waiting for fresh posts, which are admittedly amiss at the moment, I can assure there’s lot’s to come, I’m just way behind. But to start things off, here’s already one fresh image from a recent shooting from a familiar location.

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