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Yet Another Absolutely Non Weekly Post

Another week and another weekly… no, wait. Okay, by now it’s safe to say that I totally don’t manage to find time to publish a weekly post on this blog. I have started quite a few posts, but never succeeded finishing them. Mostly, it wasn’t lack of inspiration, but lack of time.

But well, here’s another try and since you read this now, I actually succeeded.


As the snow now has finally melted 1, it has been time for some spring cleaning (as usual I should say) and I have been reorganising and re-thinking the way I usually try to organise and do stuff. I want to have things easy, non-complicated and most of all fast. This resulted in switching back, yet once more to Things for my task management. The almost instant sync does it for me. First I thought I’m going to really miss time-based reminders, but so far, the lack thereof has not led to major disasters. I will stick with it for a while and see what happens.

Writing tool wise I’m still happily working with MultiMarkdown Composer on the desktop and Nebulous Notes on iOS. I know that MMC is coming to iOS as well, but until then I’ll stick with this setup. During the last few weeks I have tried a few different editors (again) but none of them does it for me.

Other than that, I have been trying to cut back a bit and tried only a few new applications. Mailbox is nice, but so far nothing else really stood out. At least, not that I could remember.

New Design

At some point I stopped writing about new themes and what not, as I tend to change them anyway all the time. My plan had been to stick to any of the default themes and simply edit some CSS to make the themes a more me for the lack of a better term, but this one has some nice features that I wanted, and still want, to take advantage of. As usual, I’m about to be finished soon… Some icons will need to be replaced and the (currently defunct) landing page will have to be done.

On Podcasts

I have been severely cutting down here as well. Over time I found that too many podcasts were merely set up with the same guests and topics that I got a bit tired of hearing the same topics and opinions over and over again. I found some new Jazz related podcasts and interview shows that so far have enjoyed.

Social Stuff

Much to my own surprise I have been using Facebook recently again a bit more. In fact, I first hid and un-friended a bunch of people, and then started to use it more again. Still, that doesn’t mean that I actually post something there. Maybe that will come one day as well. is on fire recently and new and useful applications are all over the place. I don’t have the time to always catch up with all the new things over anymore, but the app directory is surely a good place to start.

So I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to have the next not-so-weekly-post out a bit earlier than in two months. But then again, you’ll never know.

1: Or is about to, you never know if it comes back or not.

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