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Home-screen for July 2015

I planned to publish this, or better, a post like this for a long time. My last home-screen-post is already a long time ago, and an update is more than overdue. As so often before, I had started to write the post, but since I never had been satisfied with the actual home-screen, hence also never finished the post either.

This, my current set-up had been in the works for quite some time but currently I enjoy it quite a bit. It could be subtitled: The Android Phone Setup, or best of both worlds.

I’m using this one now for a couple of weeks and so far it works fine for me.

The Apps

Most of the apps are more or less self-explaining, Google Calendar and Inbox are though relatively new on my home-screen. I enjoy Inbox since it makes checking and dealing with my email a lot faster and easier. Also the previews for trips, receipts, photos and other things has proven it’s usefulness during the last few weeks. Also the auto-adding of appoinments from Gmail to my calendar is rather handy.

The made it’s return since I am in the process of, yet again, moving back to Wordpress. Pinner I don’t use that much, but still it is useful every now and then.

I wish I would have stuck to my original idea and posted my home-screens more frequently, it would have been fun to have a look at my old ones now. But let’s see how this will look in a couple of weeks.

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