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Home-Screen For October 2015

It’s that time of the month. The lack of difference between the current the one from July does not convey the changes it has undergone during the last few months. While both seem rather Android-ish, in between I had a very different setup.

A lot of applications had been replaced only to be re-replaced, if there’s a such a thing, shortly thereafter . OmniFocus replaced Todoist for a while, re-appeared and I started to use either or Dispatch again. Eventually I went back to where I left off in July: with Todoist, Google Photos and Inbox. I’m not 100% convinced about the latter, but it makes sorting through my mail so much faster, that it makes sense to keep it around even though I am missing potential task-app integrations.

For a while I was using also again, but eventually went back to Pocket Casts. The obvious benefit of is of course voice control, but I find the overall experience using Pocket Casts that much better. Organizing and making ad-hoc playlists, or better the Up Next playlist, and not even talking about the much better functionality and design make it for me. I’m looking forward to the upcoming iOS update of the app.

I removed a few apps from the home-screen simply because I wasn’t using them that much to justify them for myself on the home-screen, but Day One made its way back to the home-screen. I have though the feeling this is more to due to good intentions than of actual use. I am experimenting with and like to get more out of Google Now, hence I have Google-App on the home-screen as well, but most of all I keep it there since I really like the icon.

Naturally iA Writer is in the dock, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because where else should it be.

I have tried to use the CGB-Grey setup with only one screen, but somehow can’t convince myself of having folders, even if it’s only one, on the home-screen. I might give it a try for the next post.

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