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Some Stats

One of the fun things of running a blog here on is the yearly report at the end of the year. I told you already that I enjoy some nice info-graphics, and the yearly report is one of those. It’s indeed a very nice interactive graphic.

Sadly though, and this caused entirely by myself, the stats are off almost every year, since I tend to move my blog somewhere else (twice to Ghost, once to Scriptogram, and at least once or twice to a self-hosted WP install over the course of the last few years) and then return to after a couple of months. This paired with a change of domains and what not is surely not much helping either.

Either way, one statistic though is correct. It’s the number of posts for this year:

182 posts in one year is surely a record for me

So, that should be it for now, and I’m looking forward to next years statistics. I am confident that the stats then will be consistent. Looking forward to that.

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