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A Road Trip through Norway

Summertime is Road Trip time! This time I took the kids for a round trip over to Norway. It went as planned: many kilometers and lots of things to see in a rather short time.

Despite it having been only a short visit the covered area was quite large. We went all the way from Rovaniemi (Fi) over Kilpisjärvi (Fi) to Trömsö (N), from there to the island of Somaroy, then from the island of Senja over Narvik and Kiruna (Swe) back to Finland. Guess that counts for about 2000 kilometers.

This was possible thanks a spontaneous decision to use the ferry from Somaroy to Senja, which happened to come just in time to hop from one island to another. I should have done this before. It is not only more fun but also saves a lot driving and is a whole lot faster. A trip that would have been many hours in the car, was done now in 45 minutes. I have already ideas for another trip as this opens a whole new set of possibilities.

Anyway, we saw a lot. We visited a bunch of previously visited and familiar locations plus we found a few new ones. On the island of Senja we also found a location that we visited 7 years ago and since then couldn’t find anymore.

Photography-wise this was one of the first times, that I mostly used the phone camera over the DSLR. Compared to the phone, the DSLR starts to feel more and more like taking a picture with a large format camera. Albeit not even close on par in terms of quality I’m quite happy with the outcome of the images.

It could almost be expected that during the trip the weather didn’t quite play along and as usual we had the best conditions on the last visit of the stay. I guess I take this down as a rule or curse. Despite that the whole trip was a huge success and lots of fun.

But here are now a few images from this trip with more to come.

All the images in this post are taken with the OnePlus 2 and processed with VSCO for Android. Resizing done on the desktop.

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