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Home-Screen for January 2017

New year, new home-screen. Sort of.

My monthly home-screen is already two months late, which is mostly to the reason that it hasn’t changed all much. I take this as good news since I have a setup that actually works well for me.

My launcher of choice is still Action Launcher, which alongside many other new things, recently introduced Pixel style features: such as some visuals as well as QuickCuts. This together with the already available swipe shortcuts make it very powerful and fast to use for me.

As previously, Google app is opened via a swipe to the left and the Quickpage on the right with the Calendar-, Pocket Casts- and Google Play Music widget. Many of the icons open shortcuts. Allo and the phone app are in fact shutters, clicking opens the app and swiping a folder, containing shortcuts for calling/messaging contacts as well as related

Despite all the kerfuffle about it, I’m still sticking with Evernote. I gave OneNote a decent try, actually went through hoops to figure out which would be the right app for me, but at the moment, Evernote still works better for me. I keep an eye on OneNote and other apps that might be able to replace Evernote, but so far there is nothing that does things the way I want to.

I have been switching wallpapers quite a bit, but at the moment I am sporting this one out of Backdrops.

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