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Another milestone here on the blog. I almost didn’t notice, but my last post also turned out to be the 1000th post here on the blog. Quite the milestone.

The blog had so far quite the odyssey since in inception in 2008. First photoblog, then photography blog, then merged with my personal blog (, had been hosted of variety of services, Pixyblog, Wordpress ( now and the majority of the time and self-hosted), Scriptogram, Ghost and probably somewhere else in between.

Over all those changes not all posts have made over the years, meaning I have much more over the years, but also removed content. But anyway, looking forward to see what happens during the next 1000 post.

Let’s see if this will take 9 years as well.

UPDATE May 2021: Since the publication of this little announcement the blog has moved plenty AND during the last move (depending when you read this) I have removed plenty of redundant or broken posts. So it is to be expected that I might reach one day again 1000 posts. But until then this will serve as a memory stone.

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