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Home-Screen for July 2017

It’s almost as it was a few months ago, but in between there were a lot of changes

On the first sight there have not been many changes on the home-screen this month, or better, since the last time I have published one but many changes have happened under the hood. First of all, I am back to Action Launcher.

Action Launcher had been my favourite launcher for quite some time, but prior it’s recent update I had some issues with it displaying not all the available app shortcuts, but Nova Launcher did. So I used that. As one does. It obviously doesn’t take much for me to change things over.

Either way, that this is had been solved in the latest update, and I’m happily using Action Launcher again.

Other than that, the apps on the home-screen, haven’t changed much and most of the icons double (or triple actually) as folders, application-shortcuts and feature app-shortcuts [^1], which is very handy.

Here’s an example

The Inoreader icon opens the app, swiping it opens a folder with all my reading-themed applications, such as Instapaper, Medium and so forth. Similar the Twitter icon, opens the Twitter app, long-pressing it opens app-specific shortcuts, whereas swiping over it opens the folder containing my social apps such as: Fenix 2(beta) - Twitter app, Google+, (shortcut) and so forth.

Another neat feature of Action Launcher is the quick-page, which I can swipe-in from the right. This page contains a selection of widgets, such as a few for IFTTT, with which I post status updates to the blog for example.

This setup works rather fine for me at the moment, yet I’m always looking forward to see how I can/could refine it. The current wallpaper is from Google’s own wallpaper app.

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