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My Todoist Report for 2017

Just as last year, Todoist has released the stats of the users usage. And you know how much I like stats.

During 2017 I have mostly stuck to using Todoist hence I guess these numbers are fairly accurate and reflect my usage rather well. Mostly? There was this brief time, of a month and a half or such, in which I re-activated my old iPhone and thought it would be particular smart to try Things.

Naturally it’s a good and well designed app, but I struggled to get the it to work in a way that made sense to me. Todoist just works fine for me, I can easily automate it and I enjoy the aspect of gamifaction in the app/service. The latter in fact is one of the issues I have using another app: every time I checked something off elsewhere, I loose karma-points in Todoist. Not sure what this says about me.

And talking about karma. During 2017 my karma-level also increased and I can call me a Grandmaster now. I can’t buy nothing for that, but fun it is. And now I of course need to get to the next level. Naturally.

Bizarrely, or coincidentally you choose, I have completed the same amount of tasks during 2017 as I have in 2016.

January seemed to have been the busiest month since I have completed the most tasks during that period. I have the feeling that next year’s stats won’t be much different, considered the amount of work that is seemingly coming up this month as well. Obvious also the gap of me using Things. Which was somewhere around November/December.

My most productive time was around 9 in the morning. But looking at the graph, the nights are fairly busy as well:

Looking at the numbers from last year, this doesn’t look all that different. Looking forward to see how they look in 2019.

And yes, unrelated but useful: the report comes with a bunch of free and very nice wallpapers, and of those one can’t have enough.

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