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I have been listening to audiobooks plenty before but since I started to use Storytel I have been a bit on binge.

After having finished Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry I continued re-reading Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy read by Stephen Fry. I enjoyed how his reading brought the book to life, which also reminded me how much I liked his podcast when it was still around.

Anyway, once the book one was finished, I went straight to the next books in the series, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and Life, the Universe and Everything which are equally well read by none other that Martin Freeman.

I read part of the series (if not all, not sure anymore) in German many years ago but only remember parts of it (mostly of the first book), but it is save to say that the/a translation really don’t do justice to Douglas Adams’s eloquent, witty and funny style, which I now for the first time read/heard in English. I find this very inpsiring.

It goes without saying that will continue with, Mostly Harmless and So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, the two remaining books in the series. Folowing those I have a couple of books in the cue but am not sure yet with what I will continue once I’m done. Maybe something sciency for a change, or Game of Thrones, I even might make it finally through Lord Of The Rings? Let’s see.

In terms of normal books, as in: looking-at-words-and-not-have-them-spoken-through-the-ear-right-into-the-brain, I continue with my reading list and currently read Scalzi’s Your Hatemail Will Be Graded after which I most definitely will contiue with the Old Man’s War series.

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