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Stuff I watched during the last few weeks

The other week a nasty virus took me down and I had been on sick-leave for a couple of days. Since the kids were in kindergarten I had not much to do during the day, so I did the inevitable and checked out some movies and series on Netflix, something that I usually don’t have time to.

First off I started watching the third season of Daredevil. I watched the first two seasons quite a while ago, and it took a while before I started to remember what happened just previously. Anyway, I enjoyed the show and hated Fisk more than ever. But I guess that’s more or less the point.

I continued with some SciFi movies and liked Arrival a lot. It had somehow an interesting twist. Talking about interesting twist: Extinction had a nice one, otherwise the movie was a bit blah. And blah… How it Ends… I don’t know how I managed to watch it to the end. Maybe the title is a test.

A bit unusual I watched a bunch of horror movies. It is a very long time that I watched a real one. Since The Nun was recently in the movies, I watched both The Conjuring 1 and 2, which were both scary and entertaining. And while I was just at it, I also watched The Exorcist. I read the book earlier this year, but for some reason never came around to watch the movie. It’s a classic of course, but I do like the book better. Somehow I felt the movie was rushed.

Now that I’m back up and rather fit again, I guess the movie watching will end anyway, but next time I’m ill I will do some more catching up.

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