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5.0 and waiting for Twenty Nineteen

Now that WordPress 5.0 has landed I’m eagerly awaiting for the new default theme Twenty Nineteen to arrive on as well. I learned earlier that there are some issues at the moment, but I hope that they are going to be resolved soon. For the time being I have switched back to Independent Publisher 2, since it is already Gutenberg-ready, or at least more so than my previously, rather extensively tweaked theme.

The new Gutenberg editor on the other hand (I still have to make sure to learn the keyboard-shortcuts), had been enabled for quite some time on and I like it a lot. So much so, that I have created a little bookmark to launch it as a individual Chrome window and use it for a while as my main editor to write here for the blog. Chrome on Windows has this nice thing, that one can open bookmarks “in a Window” without any toolbars, which gives the editor in this case more of a app-feel.

I’m looking forward to give the new theme a spin as well, but in any case I’m happy to use 5.0, or the editor for that matter, and look forward to see what else is coming up.

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