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Seven years and 70 socks

For our seven-year wedding anniversary my wife surprised me fittingly with seventy pairs of socks. Which is brilliant and the best gift ever! I don’t know about your sock drawer, so they are still in a box and it looks something like this:

The fun of this gift aside, I realized how much time these sock might save me a lot of time during the year.

A highly unscientific guess of mine is, that I on average spent about 3 min a day looking for socks, or worse a sock. The time spent on either looking for socks in general is most likely a lot less, finding a matching pair on the other hand (after laundry or just in general) is currently much higher, if not entirely impossible. Calculated for the the upcoming year, I figured this will save me 18 hours and 15 minutes. Yeah!

And in case for those wondering whether or not this is going to be a pattern: I don’t know, but I also have no doubts that our laundry machine is absolutely capable to make at least half of them disappear within the next twelve months.

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