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Visiting the Moomin Snowcastle

Over the weekend we had some fun with a spontaneous visit to the Moomin Snowcastle at the Santa Village in Rovaniemi. The snowcastle is rather large, yet not so much a “castle”, but more of an exhibition of snow-carvings, which in my opinion is much better and more entertaining.

It was the first really cold day of this winter and my phone made sure to remind me that it doesn’t agree much with the minus twenty-something degrees outside. While taking the pictures it shut down three times and I can had to warm it up between.

Well, at least I could get some images done (panoramas are clearly difficult in this lightning situation) and here are a few:

There is a lot to look at as well as some activities for kids (or adults you pick), such as slides (one slower and one that seemingly went very fast), a maze, some igloo type of things one can walk through if you are small enough.

Most welcome at those temperatures was the café of course.

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