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Some Stats for 2018

As in the previous year(s) I enjoy to have a look at the numbers. In this post I have put together mostly my online-stuff. My health stats could also be interesting to look at, but at the moment they are spread around too much, that is in Fitbit, Google Fit and some are even in Apple Health, that it is a bit too much of a pain to collect them. Maybe next year.

But let’s start with this blog.


WordPress hasn’t yet, and it seems that they are either not going to, or at least equally late as me, published yearly stats yet, but I have noticed in the dashboard a (new?) section with annual site stats.

For 2018 it looks like this:

Published PostsTotal wordsAvg Words per Post

193 posts doesn’t seem so bad, not daily, but at least it’s close to every other day, but it’s a huge step back from 2017 where I had 376 posts. I think I will put the whole table eventually online.

Not included in these stats is the amount of time I have switched hosts (3x’s,, self-hosted, and back to and or switched themes. I’m not sure would I like the numbers of the latter. Not even talking about time-spent-tweaking-CSS… Some things are probably better of not-said, if only for my own wellbeing.

Some Reading Stats

I am still putting together the list of books that I read (or listened to during 2018), which, due to the lack of integration between Goodreads and Audible, turns out to be more time intensive that I hoped. The stats resulting out of that are looking somehow like this.


With 7 actual books this doesn’t look like much compared to last year, but since I started to listen to audiobooks, I will look over this.


For the majority of my audiobook reading I used Audible, which also provides some detailed statistics. In the beginning of the year though I used Storytel, which in return doesn’t offer any. So I calculated those myself, which was a bit tedious and probably not entirely correct since I tend to listen at about 1.2 speed.

Either way, I finished 43 audiobooks in 2018, which is probably a lot, at least for me. In terms of listening time this look like this:

Storytel: 434 hours
Audible: 553
Total: 23 days 1 hour

Read Articles (read: Pocket)

According to Pocket I read 153k words in the app, roughly being two books. This sounds about right and it comes with a nice graphic as well:

What this graphic is not showing is how this relates to the amount of articles saved.


Todoist was one of the first services that I use to give out stats to its users, and I already shared them with you, but I finished 1818 tasks in the app.

I guess that it’s for the moment. My complete reading list will come out and some point as well.

January 2021update: In the meanwhile I have been moving blog again, and there is no way all those posts from 2018 will “survive” the move. But for the sake of “achievement unlocked” I keep this post as it is.

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