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The thing I forgot to write about yesterday

As far as I know it was more or less sold out and we played well and our soloist(s) for this gig, were finnish drum legend Teppo Mäkynen and Jukka Eskola on trumpet and flugelhorn. The band was very well conducted by Ville Vannenmaa.

Some words about the concert.

Teppo is surely a drummer in his own right, and easily plays the most beautiful style I have heard so far. There is a lot of color and nuance in his playing, he swings, and is never too loud. I sat right next to him in the section, it wasn’t too loud even once and always with amazing sound and swing. It’s a joy to listen to him.

On this concert we performed his exclusively compositions, one of which, Universal Four, featured me on tenor. This was of course an honour, but the tune was a tough nut. Even though the melody is rather simple, the bass figure in return, turned the simple upside down. It was very challenging to hear the beat right, and it routinely made me feel being wrong, when playing right.

Hence, during rehearsals and dress rehearsal, I therefore mostly manage to played crap on the melody. Luckily during the gig, I nailed the melody and the following solo was a joy to play with such a drummer behind me. Thanks again Teppo!

Since the program went so well, I hope we’ll have the chance to play the program again some time.

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