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The One with All the Subscriptions

I have this file in my text-editor in which I list my active subscriptions. I know it is a growing list. So, yesterday I was doing some budgeting and in the process did the following:

  • I updated the list and made sure it contains all those tiny little monthly subscriptions, you know, those: cost you less than a cup of coffee
  • Looked at some of the less obvious expenses related to the above, such as audiobooks that are not covered by the monthly subscription fee, unused domains …
  • I added all the yearly subscriptions to that and finally divided that through twelve to get a monthly price
  • Put all together, and …

What followed was some re-thinking and adding a bunch of services to the sub-header Things to Cancel in said list.

Related: Do I need three cloud-storage providers, two journal thingys, two weather apps?! Or the feed-reader subscription, the task-manager? I guess not.

I can’t say that I was shocked what came out of that, but it turned out to be quite a few coffee. I hardly would be able to sleep at all were I to drink them. It’s not that I can’t afford all of that, but it is save to say, that a more frugal approach can’t hurt.

At this moment, I already have gone through a cancellation-spree and have figured out alternatives for some services. It is still a work-in-progress but it is getting there.

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