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Device No 17

I read about Dropbox’s newly introduced three device limit for free accounts about 5 minutes before it hit me. I haven’t come around (then) to set up Dropbox on my new phone, and bam! there it was! No go!

To get my Dropbox on the phone to run, I had to get rid of 13 devices, which to be honest was no lost. Almost all of my registered devices were old phones or long dead laptop.

On one hand for getting rid of those was rather good, but on the other this leaves a bit of a shallow taste. While I can totally understand the business decision for this limitation, it is a bit discouraging. I am not opposed to paying for the service, but at this point, the pricing structure is what I don’t like. I neither need or want a TB storage. I would be perfectly fine with a similar pricing structure as on iCloud or Drive. Say subscribing to 50GB or such but paying and owning for another TB is more than useless for me.

Still, I’m fine with three devices. I don’t even use more and at the moment my only use for Dropbox is this blog and (occasionally) sharing files. Everything else, is elsewhere.

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