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Weeknotes #4

Since last week’s Weeknotes was amiss, this is more of a two weeks’ note. Truth is, not much had happened in the previous week and I had been rather busy, hence I kept things short during that week.

A few weeks’ ago, I planned to improve my handwriting skills, and I managed to make some progress on that part, which considered my departure place seemed rather easy. I thought to try out a Bullet Journal and also move my “Quote Collection” and stuff over to a handwritten collection.

The Bullet Journal things seems fun, but also rather labour-intensive. At this point it is still too new to me to say whether it works or not. What is nice though, is to use pen and paper. Turns out I like not-staring at a screen to get some stuff done for a while.

Also, and here’s a sentence I wouldn’t have used a month ago: I have a favourite notebook, I like the Leuchtturm 1917 much much more than a Moleskine, and a preferred ink color (Blue).

But this is all an experiment still, so let’s see where this will lead me to. Using pen and paper though, is by no-means cheaper than anything digital. Good notebooks are expensive, good pens are too.


This is easy. Holiday is getting closer and there are only a few major things going up during the next week and then the school year should be wrapped up.


During this week I started reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. It is a great book and there are a lot of interesting things in there for me.

Things watched

This is easy: nothing, zilch, zero. No time for that.

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